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Our Value Proposition

(That means, what's in it for you?)

iPower Distribution Group of New England has over 20 years of continuous success assisting OEM's of all types and sizes managing the supply chain necessary to their critical assembly and sub-assembly requirements through implementation of Vendor Managed Inventory, KanBan, and In-Plant Buyer-Planner services.

Unlike most consultants and inventory management providers, iPower New England, through its unique combination of supporting members represents a nearly $ 1 billion industrial distribution and system design solution for OEM's competing on a worldwide basis. Through its unique iPower-VMI, iPower-KanBan, and iPower-Buyer programs, iPower New England presents an unmatched opportunity to provide rapid, significant and permanent inventory reduction, vendor consolidation, volume pricing, reliable, proven delivery systems, and immediate access to a $150 million component and supplies inventory.

Why iPower – and why Now?

Each OEM that iPower has assisted over the past 20 years has identified the same painful realities most manufacturers face on a daily basis. When an assembly line slows or stops due to a mismanaged supply chain, the costs can be tremendous. But, for each OEM seeking relief, there are frequently the same characteristics to the pain:

  1. Too many vendors
    If the range and scope of the production process is absorbed 80 percent of the time on the bits and pieces that are only 20 percent of the cost of goods, that should be reason enough to seek a better way. Cut that vendor list down from thousands or hundreds to a handful – or even one – and you are well on the way to relief. iPower does that every day.

  2. Too many invoice errors
    If the accounts payable department is spending too much time trying to figure out who to pay, how much to pay, and when to pay it; the costs can be tremendous. Why shouldn't we know how much we are buying, from whom and at what appropriate discount – before we get the assembly line going? iPower does that every day.

  3. Too much expediting
    If the primary and secondary components required for assembly are not where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there, all the expediting in the world is not a desirable solution. It's already too late. If it needs to be expedited – that's a sure flag that the supply chain has a broken link. The personnel involved range from the production floor, to engineering, to shipping, accounting and beyond. Everyone ends up with a hand in the process and the end result is still unsatisfactory. iPower avoids that every day.

What difference does iPower make?

At minimum, iPower understands the issues that the OEM faces and can help assess just how bad things are, through its assessment process, and can provide a roadmap for change. It's very difficult to see how to stop the bleeding unless you have the skills to diagnose the injury. iPower can diagnose the source of supply chain pain and bring solutions:

  1. Eliminate stock outs
    By eliminating stock outs, one of the most frequent causes of production slowdown or stoppage can be addressed. Through its comprehensive approach to managing the inventory process, iPower-VMI, for example, can address the stock-out challenge.

  2. Achieve price savings
    The simplest approach to saving on costs is to aggregate the "spend" for materials and supplies. This is part of the comprehensive approach taken by the iPower-VMI program and by other strategies implemented by iPower.

  3. Increase inventory turns
    By optimizing space through a reduction of inventory, supported by an increase from an average four turns up to 12 to 15 turns, the impact of an iPower solution is increased efficiency, increased productivity and improved profit.

Is this all there is to iPower?

This is only the iceberg visible from the surface. For example, with 25,000 Lean bins under its current supervision and examples of implementations of point of use locations within six to eight weeks, there is a lot more to the iPower story.

These links are here to help you read more about the way iPower New England has been identifying and solving the supply chain challenges of OEM's for the past 20 years. Read on.



Critical Components
When the factory floor suffers from stock-outs; when the assembler reaches for the critical component, which isn't there, causing production slow-down or stoppage; that's when iPower's supply chain strategies can make a significant difference.


Maintain Efficiency
Operators of multi-million dollar manufacturing machinery can sometimes lose time and productivity due to low cost components that are not near at hand, or worse, not available due to stock-outs. Each work station needs its proper materials and supplies at the right time.


Cellular Manufacturing
The work team that has all its tools and components within easy reach is more likely to meet production quality and timeliness standards. The iPower approach is to use VMI and Kanban approaches that give management control of the factory floor.